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RFID Solutions

Unipro has extensive knowledge in implementing RFID solutions for RFID Authentication Cards,Stored Value Cards and just implemented commercial turnkey project based on RFID solutions for with RFID Tunnel Readers, Conveyor Readers and Handheld Readers.


Efficiency and productivity of RFID in the retail world

Warehouse Management System

• RFID tag will be set to the pallet and the location bin in order to track the product stored in the warehouse location

• Pallet in and out in the location bin will be recorded by product

• Product stock list and ageing report can be taken based on the pallet.


Laundry Management System

Laundry Management system is a specialized software for the laundry business. The system functions can generate, do collection, delivery order & invoice preparation. The application caters an overall view of the customer-wise collection history of delivery details. The application is used for master settings, and invoice module for reporting purposes. 

SEMS - Staff Efficiency Management System. The client system is used to calculate the staff’s efficiency and production management. It maintains the group production and individual staff production. Staff can enter the production details for every shift The system can calculate the average production for the items, processing of transactions (such as laundry, dry clean, pressing) and customer-wise details. The system also maintains the log for the staff in/out time entries.


Jewellery Shop RFID

• Barcode labeling during purchase using RFID tag

• POS system integrated with RFID printer, tablet and RFID reader

• Stock take on daily basis.